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  • Commercial and industrial tree care service requires a good solid working relationship with a company you can depend on.¬†We pride ourselves with qualified staff who are properly trained to safely and quickly remove unwanted trees and brush with minimal risk and disruption to surrounding property.

  • Removal of dead or hazardous trees and brush from public streets, parks and other property lots is a primary safety concern for each community or municipality. Our scheduled maintenance will keep power lines clear of any trees or branches and keep shrubs trimmed so they do not obstruct views.

  • Residential tree care involves more than just pruning, trimming or removing unwanted trees and shrubs.¬†Safety, property enhancement, security and long term landscaping plans are all important aspects to consider before removing trees from your property.

Certified Arborists & Urban Foresters

Commercial, Municipal & Residential Tree Service

Novo Arbor offers a complete range of professional services to maintain trees and shrubs, reduce their hazard potential, and help them achieve their maximum beauty and longevity.

  • Programs tailored to meet budgetary requirements
  • Skilled Arborists, uniformed crews
  • Certified Arborist supervision
  • High-tech equipment uniformly painted with signage
  • 24/7 service for high traffic areas
  • Large hedge reduction/pruning
  • Quick response time
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